Umbrella: The beauty of dreaming

Updated: Oct 15, 2020

How Vikram managed to distant its turmoil about life....should he fight for his dreams ...should he fight against his family, friends, society.

This Short story is very dear to me, as i wrote it for my best friend ... at that time i knew one day she will be in the same situation as the story character Vikram...but i will not be there....

We always have to fight with world to do something new, to follow our passion or to live our dreams and we fight with them with full dedication because that time the only thing which matter is our goal, our dream nothing else matter to us because they are not worthy compare to our aim.

But life was never so easy, it becomes ruthless and takes the game to a higher level and put our family opposite to us in the game then at very first instance we put our step back and said to ourselves NO, I can’t.

The person who never gives up, today he is saying I quit, I can’t go against my family, I don’t want this so called society to insult them just because of me, just because of my happiness lives in that thing. I can’t allow people to insult them because they are my parents only because of them I am here, I exist and so much similar thoughts like this.

And we keep aside our goal, our dream which we were dreaming from days in fact sometimes years.

So point is…. Is it right? Throwing the aim of our life in garbage, Is it right? Is it justice? That’s the point we ignore every time we face such types of situations.

So who will resolve this dilemma, me or you or this rest of world, well at least its answer is simple i.e. only you, only you can resolve this problem for you, no one else can do this.

So let me tell you a story of mine friend facing a similar situation in his own words.

So I started thinking ….. Why my parents are opposing me to do this? Why? Is it for my goodness? Or is it for my better future or my career? What could be the reason for opposing me to this level? ohh… I forgot one more important thing, is it because of society? What people will say? How will they react to this?

I was thinking about all these stuff and suddenly somebody hug me from behind he was none other than my close friend (it wold not be wrong to say he knows me better than anyone else.) he was trying to console me, he hug me tight and said I am with you dude, you are not wrong but you should actually listen to your parents you know their decision may get wrong but their intention will never be wrong for you. They are old and can't handle the stress in this age, you already know about their health issues. You understand me or not, I am telling you this just for you and your family’s goodness.

Somehow he was successful to convince me. Later on I also started thinking yes! Ohhh yes he is so right, I should follow my parents, they are the only person in this world who will always give me the best advice (according to them) without any selfishness.

My parents were also happy that I made my mind according to them (or according to society).

But I was still sad inside, so I decided to go on a solo trip to refresh myself.(I read many blogs like that....if you go on solo trip, you get your answers )

I was driving my bike but I was unhappy for what I am doing. There was a smile on my face because I had finally resolved my problem but still I can feel there is something wrong, something is eating me from inside, my inner soul was still saying something to me but I choosed to ignore it finally.

I reached to my destination. It was a beautiful hill station .There was so much peace and nature was looking beautiful like never before. I came to this place for the first time so cursing myself for not coming here before. I had my dinner and choose to sleep because I haven’t sleep properly for days because of the situation.

Wow it’s a perfect morning, a little foggy, no crowd….. Good morning! Sir your coffee. I was admiring the nature and she interrupted me ohh… Thank you!

Drinking hot coffee in hills with such a beautiful morning is perfect for starting a day.

I was drinking my coffee and started thinking about my decision and suddenly someone interrupted me …. Can I sit here? he was an old monk….. "of course why not" I replied.

“You are new to this area. I have never seen you before” he said.

“Yes…. I am on my solo trip” I replied with a smile.

We talk for some while, we made each other lough and talked about nature, god, world… etc. but suddenly he asked me an unexpected question.

Why are you so sad???

I was surprised and gave him a strange look, his face was calm, smiling but staring at me, his eye are like finding something, his face was saying open up to me tell me, what’s wrong with you? Why are you wearing this mask of happiness? What’s that bothering you? I will help you.

But I choosed to remain silent and said no with a smile.

He again stared at me and said okay thank you! I think, I should leave, my group is waiting for me.

We both exchanged a smile and he left.

But I was still surprised by his question, why did he ask me this question? I was happy with my coffee with this beautiful morning.

I ignored him....and took a sip of my coffee......start looking at a girl sitting in the opposite corner, she was having her coffee. She had a backpack and bullet beside her, for surely she was also on her solo trip (I wanted that to).

She was so beautiful and looking pretty in her eye glasses. She was wearing a black coat and purple nail polish. So I decided to give it a try. I stood up to say her hello. (MEN WILL BE MEN)

(there is a saying, No matter how busy/sad/happy a guy could be but he can always manged to get glimpse of a beautiful girl. )

But suddenly my eyes catch that old man but I ignored him, obviously she was so beautiful that nobody want to miss a chance to talk her.

But my mind suddenly said …. Why did he ask you that question?? and with this thought my mind ordered to my legs , go to him and ask this WHY ?

He was chatting with other monks as I approaching him, our eye met and he smiled.

“Can we talk for a while” I asked (with a blank face)

“Of course why not” he replied with smile.

He said “Let’s have a walk and also explore nature” . I nodded and smile affirmative.

“So what bring you to me?” he initiated conversation after an awkward silence.

I asked him why you asked me that question, even when I am smiling while talking to you. I just want answer of WHY.

“WHY… it’s a very powerful word kid. It has power to make things and destroy too. Listen I am just a 70 year old monk, I have seen life and death more closer than you, i met with many peoples....good and bad both so with my experience I can easily speculate who is wearing a mask” He replied.

“You can have a fake smile but it would not be like the original one. You may choose to look normal while suffering from inside but still your face, your eyes can betrayed you and tell everything. like I can tell, you have no interest in talking to me right want to talk to that girl are staring at” he smiled and winked at me" He added.

I was embarrassed a bit but don’t know why I choosed to open up before him and told him the story from head to toe.

He smiled and said is this tiny thing which is bothering you.

I was like WHAT THE FUCK MAN ! This is the question of my life. It is a turning point of life, Either I choose to compromise with myself for every second thing or I can be happy with my new life. and he is saying it is tiny thing...and i started to think i choosed wrong person to open up.

I want to give him piece of mind But I said yes in a rude way.

I know from what dilemma you are going through, it was similar when I decided to become a monk and my family disagree with me completely.

Then what you did?, why didn’t you go with your parents view?, are you happy now?, what was your parents reaction? what about society? I asked many such questions back to back surprisingly. I got excited when i heard, he also faced similar situation once.

We sat under a tree. while talking.

Listen kid, it may be one of toughest moment you will ever face in your life but before you ask any other question I want you to listen me carefully.

First you have to understand, your parents never wants bad for you but disagreeing with your parents doesn’t mean you are insulting them, you don’t love them or you want them to suffer, just because your opinion is different from them, having different opinion is not a crime instead it’s the beauty of nature. It doesn't make you a bad person. In reality it makes you human and not robot as you want to live as want, as you think, and not according to someones instructions. Living a life which gives you happiness, doesn't make you criminal but it a step toward being a human.

We are human beings and we all are blessed with same mind but its beauty is not everyone has same thinking..... everybody has a different perspective. So we have to accept it happily as a trait.

The first step of taking decision on such topic is ....You have to figure out only, why did they oppose you? What was the real reason behind it?

After this you evaluate your dream on such points like.

Is it right?

Is it worthy enough to go against your parents?

Is it all you want to do with your life?

Does it really makes you happy?

Will you regret of your decision after 50 year?

Will you cry in your last breath for doing this or will it bring a smile for what you are doing today?

So the point is, “your dream must be worthy enough to fight”. and the best thing about this process is only you can do this evaluation for you nobody else can.

Kid, you have gens of your parents, you have their knowledge and experience with you. You are a beautiful combination of their thinking, whatever you decided .... that thinking, that knowledge you gain from your parents since childhood, the knowledge you earned while aging will reflect in that decision.

Nature gave us brain for such like eating, sleeping, sex, all such thing can also be done by animal. We The Humans are different we can live as we want...we can pursue any life style we want. Can you expect lion to eat plants, or a fish to fly...can they think about such things...No ...So use your brain to live your life got only one.

But what about society? Isn’t society also matter? I asked confusedly.

Ohh... My innocent kid what is this society, bunch of some known and unknown persons for whom in reality you don’t matter. They have nothing to do with your happiness. Whatever you do some will say something to oppose you and some will want to support you but they will not. Some will surely support you ....there are every type of person.

Nobody will come to you when you will in pain . They can only give you their words that’s all what a society has ever.

Whenever you do something new, which is against their so called principle, they will judge you, whenever you will try to change them, they will oppose you, because society never like changes they support status quo. If you survive by all these hurdles, you will become a reformist, you will become ideal, an inspiration for many people.

This is the way many personalities choosed someday in their life and took a tough decision with a stone heart and stick to it, gave their full dedication in that goal and changed the algorithm of society for themselves.

So leave the society just focus on one thing, “is it worthy”?

“But how do I find out this I don’t know the way”?

Besides my earlier points just think about pros and cons but not their quantity but their quality. Examine them on yourself, and ask to yourself, are you ready for all these? Can you bear that pain? Will your happiness can justify these things?

Life changing decisions are always tough kid. You always have tough choices where both sides seems to be important for us. But still we have to make a choice. In order to achieve your goal, your happiness,

So what I do now I am confused.

Just close your eyes and think whatever I told you, just test yourself in that pros and cons list you will get your answer.

If you examine it correctly, then you will know, what exactly you have to do.

I did everything like a good disciple. I closed my eyes and started thinking, started talking to myself, inner me which I choosed to ignore one day before.

Hey where is he, I opened my eyes and murmured to myself.

I sought, hey where are you? Are you here? Can you hear me? But all in vain he was nowhere.

But I was happy that I got my answer. I went back to my resort and saw that girl on the gate. She was preparing for leaving.

I went close to her, and started a small talk.

“Hey! Nice bike” I said.

"Thank you!" she replied, with a heart touching smile

Are you on a solo trip? I asked (I wished she says yes)

“Yes” she replies (didn’t seem she has any interest me)

Hi I am Vikram.

“Hello I am Kajal”

I want to ask her more ...but couldn't ...i was lost in her beauty...the face cut ,dimple, black eyes, hairs all are like a pieces of puzzle which are already in their right piece has misplaced ...I was just thinking how anybody can be so pretty ....and i was right she can't be anybody....She is KAJAL.

Hello sir, Sir Can you hear me? Are you there? … Suddenly some sound surrounds me and I woke up. … “I am in my room only” I replied in haste.

It was my resort manager who frightened because it was afternoon and I hadn’t had my breakfast and lunch.

I opened the door and told him I am not feeling hungry I will eat later. I again came in my bed and start thinking what was that, was it really just dream? That monk, that girl all was just dream ….shit NO. It can’t be....I tried to sleep again so i can complete ....but it was just a beautiful try so finally I collect myself and agree to accept truth, I started collecting everything from my dream whatever I can.

But there is a best thing, I got my answer and I am happy for it so I decided to go back home and went to reception for check out.

There was a queue of 2-3 person so I have no other option than to wait and I really getting irritated because that receptionist was too slow.

But luckily i overheard a conversation in my irritation.

What’s your name mam?


Thank you for check in mam your room 143. Attendant will help you with your luggage.

So what was the answer of Vikram? Why he was so happy after dreaming?

Who knows? Not even me.

But you tell me, What if I say that “you are Vikram”.

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