How it works ?

Updated: Oct 15, 2020

This article is basically about how one should behave in life, love, friendship or any type of relationship...specially after their tragic end.

When you fall in love, just fall like a rain drop. Having same desires like she has for sea. NO conditions, NO doubts, NO expectations. Just has a desire to get lost in the love of sea to complete herself. Although she knows the sea has many like her but still this thought never slow down her, doesn’t stop her. She just keeps going on with a hope that one day the sea will accept her for forever. “But life never works like this.” There would a time, when she understands that now there is no meaning in living there. So she tries to move on, Yes ! now she understands one of meaning of the life i.e. moving on. She rises again and started moving again in search of new aim and new love. Then she falls again with the same passion, love and hope. But is it (rain drop) same as earlier??? NO …. There is always a difference between what falls in and what comes out. So this is how it works.

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